Ventilation is one of the simplest and most effective means of achieving healthy air quality in your home.  Proper ventilation requires the exchange of stale indoor air with fresh outside air, as well as the circulation of air within your residence.  Replacing indoor air helps to control proper temperature, as well as removing excess humidity, odors, dust, bacteria, and other harmful contaminants.

Trusted Ventilation Solutions

Relying on outside air for natural ventilation is not always an option.  Outside temperatures are rarely ideal, and opening windows often welcomes in pollen, fumes, and noise pollution, while also creating a security risk.  A tightly sealed home prevents energy waste, but provides no way to introduce fresh air into your indoor environment.  Foust Heat & Air specializes in Bryant brand ventilators, offering you all the benefits of opening windows with none of the drawbacks.

Replace the stale, polluted air that can be trapped in your house and circulated endlessly for months at a time, with pre-filtered outdoor air.  Bryant ventilators enhance indoor comfort and HVAC system efficiency, while removing moisture from incoming air during those hot summer months.  During colder months, an energy recovery ventilation system uses stale outgoing air to preheat incoming fresh air, optimizing energy savings but never allowing the air to mix.

Enjoy fresh, clean air with ventilation services from Foust Heat & Air!

For kitchens and bathroom ventilation, you may choose a mechanical exhaust, which combats odors and humidity.  Features such as flow rate and noise levels are a major consideration.  To reduce temperature stratification, a ceiling fan helps to not only circulate indoor air but to direct heated air.  In colder months, a ceiling can be used to push heated air toward the floor. By reversing the direction of fan operation in summer months, heated air is encouraged up and out.

Foust Heat & Air provides sustainable solutions to ventilation needs throughout Sonora, CA and Surrounding Areas.  Our air quality specialists customize recommendations and design to your specific concerns and goals for air quality, comfort, and budget.  We provide skilled and prompt installation, with quick turnaround on all projects.  Contact Foust Heat & Air at (209) 591-5065 for a free estimate, and rest assured, we remain current with the leading technology and options, offering you the best options on the market today.  Foust Heat & Air is synonymous with Quality You Can Trust.